Manganese in Well 17 Drinking Water

Farmington, Missouri (August 23, 2021) – The City of Farmington, Public Works
Department is issuing information regarding manganese in well 17 Drinking
Water. Well 17 supplies water to the industrial park area around Progress Road
in the south-west corner of Farmington.

Please see the attached Public Notice. All samples taken in our water system
yielded results that were well below the chronic exposure health advisory level
for manganese of 300 ppb.


As soon as City staff became aware of the high test results, well 17 was taken
off-line. The well will remain off-line until adequate test results have shown the
water from well 17 to be consistently safe.


In early July 2021, well 17 was acid treated to remove an iron bacteria. The well
was flushed until the water was clear and the well was put back on-line. On July
13, 2021 annual testing of the well was performed. The well passed all tests
except for manganese and toluene.

The level of toluene was below the maximum contaminant level and is not
considered a health threat, the water is considered safe to drink by DNR.

Manganese Public Notice DNR