Farmington Police Report A Crime

We need your help. We want to be a pro-active police department. Our goal is to prevent a crime from happening. But we are a growing city; and with growth come growing pains. Though we live in a city that has a very low violent crime rate, we do experience some violent crime and more than our fair share of other types of crime – theft; property damage; etc.

How can you help? Contact us if: 1) You know something for certain relating to a crime that has already occurred or a crime that is likely to occur. 2) You SUSPECT a crime has occurred or is occurring OR is about to occur.

We will look into every tip that we receive. If you wish, we will contact you about the tip you gave us and inform you of the action that we have taken. Or, if you wish to remain anonymous, we will honor that request as well.

The reality is that we cannot be around the corner when every single crime occurs. This is why we depend on you. Because most times, someone IS around the corner when a crime occurs OR at least has a suspicion. That someone could be you. Please help us fight crime.

Please email us to assist both the community of Farmington as well as the Farmington Police Department to protect its citizens from the random acts of violence that tends to plague all growing cities.

Report-A-Crime Email