Farmington Police Detective Bureau

The Criminal Investigations Bureau is the investigative branch of the Farmington Police Department. The Bureau is currently composed of one Detective Sergeant and one detective, under the command of a Detective Lieutenant. Members of this unit are selected from the Patrol Division and undergo extensive specialty training at the state and federal levels. Individual detectives are specialists in certain fields, such as the investigation of sexual assault, crime scene processing, and evidence handling, tracking and presentation.

The detective’s primary goal is to complete criminal investigations which are initiated by the Patrol Division. When a suspect is developed, the necessary forms required to secure a warrant are prepared, and the completed case is presented to the St. Francois County or City of Farmington Prosecutor’s Office. If charges are filed, cases proceed through the court process.

The Bureau works closely with investigators from municipal, State and Federal agencies, as well as the crime lab of the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

Among its many functions, the Bureau is also called upon to make crime prevention and narcotic identification presentations, as well as gather intelligence, and conduct patrols in plain clothes and unmarked cars.

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