Farmington Fire Department Knox Box

The City of Farmington Fire Department requires that all new construction commercial buildings, business, or other facilities be equipped with a secure key box for rapid entry into your building in case of an emergency incident, if needed. The rapid entry system produced by the Knox Company is the only approved type of key required by the City of Farmington.

An order form can be obtained at the Farmington Building Department located at 12 South Franklin Street 573-756-1701 Ext. 1119 or visit www.knoxbox.com to place your order.


The Key Box shall be located in the area of the main entrance (front door). It is your option to have the box mounted as recessed or surface. The box shall be installed at a minimum of five (5) feet in height but no more than six (6) feet above finished grade.
For larger scaled buildings two (2) key boxes may be required.

For more information please contact

Captain Mark Mattina at 573-756-2324 Ext. 3613