Farmington Fire Department Juvenile Fire Setter

This specialized course focuses on juveniles that have a history of “fire play or fire setting”. Parents do not realize the severity of children that play with fire. Each year the Farmington Fire Department meets with numerous juveniles in small groups or individually for this program.

Safety Tips

  • Keep any type of lighters and or matches out of your children’s reach.
  • Never leave cooking or candles unattended.
  • Teach your children good reasons we use fire.
  • Have and practice your home fire escape plan.
  • Install and maintain working smoke detectors.

Curiosity fire setters generally are the ages of two (2) through seven (7) years old.

Problem fire setters are generally ages five (5) through seventeen (17) years old.
You as parents, guardians, and or grandparents can use the contact below to discuss your particular situation.

Mark A. Mattina
573-756-2324 Ext: 10