Be Prepared

The Farmington Emergency Management Office is responsible for coordination of the city’s preparedness, response, and recovery programs for all types of hazards.

Prepare for Hazards (links will open in new windows)

Blackouts|Earthquake|Fire or Wildfire|Flood|Hazardous Material|Heat|Hurricane|Landslide

Nuclear Explosion|Thunderstorm|Tornado|Tsunami|Volcano|Winter Storm

Protect Your Family & Property (links will open in new windows)

Mitigation Best Practices and Case Studies – A collection of illustrated stories about ideas, activities, or projects, including funding sources that protect both people and property from devastating losses.

Get informed

Plan for emergencies

Assemble a disaster supplies kit

Effectively shelter

Protect Your Property (links will open in new windows)

Everyone faces the risk of natural disaster and no plan to protect property can be complete without insurance coverage against potential damage and loss. It is important to know exactly what coverage you may need and what coverage is available to protect your property against all of the natural hazards it may be exposed to so that you are not underinsured or not insured at all. Check with your insurance company or local insurance agent.FEMA strongly encourages property owners and renters to fully explore their insurance needs and obtain adequate coverage before a disaster strikes.

Buy flood insurance