Farmington Quality of Life

It’s not just that Farmington boasts the kind of outdoor treasures you’d expect to see in the foothills of the Ozarks. It’s not just that it boasts terrific outdoor recreational opportunities, from the wine trails to bicycle trails, some of the best all terrain vehicle courses to spectacular parks and golf courses to beautiful hiking and canoeing nearby.

It’s that you can do these things in Farmington. It’s that nothing is out of reach – in price, in location, in the size of the crowd trying to get in.

Farmington is a community with a remarkably low cost of living for all of the comforts and attractions it affords.

Farmington is the small rural community you yearn to return to, raise a family, attend worship services and care for your neighbor’s type of community. Farmington has it all plus the closeness to St. Louis when you just need to feel connectedness to a major metropolitan area. But trust us; you will miss Farmington in no time.
Come visit the city’s water park, skating at the skate park, or relax in your tent at St. Joe Park. You will wish you lived here.

Availability, accessibility – these are characteristics of the region in general. Farmington is open, in the broadest sense of the word. Whatever role you want to play here – in civic affairs or any other aspect of life – you’ll get a friendly, appreciative small town welcome.

Overall, Farmington has never forgotten its small town roots. Our values are interwoven within our people and our institutions. In Farmington you’ll find a sense of community, a connectedness among its people that arises from its Midwestern personality, manageable scale, and deep history.For companies and their employees, that’s a winning combination.