Farmington Yard Waste Disposal

The City Farm is open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 8:00a.m. until dusk. Leaves, limbs, grass clippings, and other yard waste will be accepted. Plastic or paper bags will need to be emptied and removed from the site. Due to illegal dumping, the City Farm will only be open on the above times. The City Farm is located on Pimville Road, approximately one mile west of Bray Road (watch for sign at entrance).

  • Burning is allowed during daylight hours in residential zones only.
  • No burning is allowed in commercial zones.
  • No burning is allowed on city streets or sidewalks
  • Fires must be attended at all times and maintained a safe distance from all structures.

In the City of Farmington, you may not burn sawn lumber, trash, or refuse. Only natural yard waste such as limbs, leaves, and grass clippings may be burned.

You must call the Farmington Fire Department business office at 573-756-2324 or go by in person and receive permission prior to burning.

Why is outdoor burning a concern? The smoke from outdoor burning contains many air pollutants. These include carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxides, nitrogen oxides, and other volatile organic compounds and toxic substances. This smoke also produces tiny particles that are inhaled deep into the lungs. Our body’s defenses can’t protect us from them, so these particles can cause harmful chemical and structural changes to human lung tissue.

Some alternatives to outdoor burning include, chipping, composting, or disposing of yard waste at officially designated solid waste disposal sites. Many counties in Missouri have solid waste disposal sites that have reduced fees or set special fees for yard waste. Contact your local waste management company for specific details.