Fit Farmington

The City of Farmington and local residents, businesses, organizations and schools are locking arms to create a healthier, happier environment throughout the community by focusing on wellness and establishing opportunities for education, fitness and fun.

Thank You to all of our Fit Farmington Sponsors

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THANK YOU to all of the participants and congratulations to the winners of our Fit Farmington MO Charity Miles Challenge!

Together we accumulated over 26,000 miles and raised over $5000!


Overall Miles Team Champion – Lean Kitchen



                                     Fall Into Fitness Scavenger Hunt Questions

                                (answers are found on Fit Farmington sponsors’ websites)

  1. How many locations does Parkland Health Mart have?   https://www.parklandrx.com/
  2. How many average years of experience do the occupational therapists at Axes  Physical Therapy have?  https://axespt.com/
  3. How old do you have to be to participate in First State Bank’s Horizon Club? https://fscb.com/
  4. How many hospital beds are in Parkland Health Center?  https://www.parklandhealthcenter.org/About-Us/History/Read-Our-History-1911-2011
  5. How many years has Earth Mother been in business?   https://earthmotherhealthfoods.com/
  6. Myofascial Release is listed as the #____ service provided by Harmony Chiropractic.  https://www.harmonychiropracticllc.com/services
  7. Sago and Street Eye Care suggests that when working at a computer, you should rest your eyes every ____ minutes.  http://sagostreet.com/computer-vision-treatment
  8. How many calories is the most calorie-dense meal at Lean Kitchen? https://www.leankitchenfarmington.com/
  9. What is the least number of sandwiches that have been donated in one day at BOGO? https://bogosandwiches.com/about/
  10. How many Doctors of Audiology are employed at Hearing Care Partners?  https://www.hearingcarepartners.com/our-professionals/
  11. At Farmington Martial Arts the lead instructor, Ceth Jordan, is what level of Dan Black Belt Master? https://farmington.ywrma.com/kids-youn-wha-ryu/
  12. How many disc golf holes are at Engler Park? https://farmington-mo.gov/recreation/


Add the 12 numbers you get as the answers above. This will be a three-digit number. Take that number and add the digits together until you get a one-digit number. This is the number that will be your clue to finding the hidden treasure in one of Farmington’s parks. For example if your answer is 732, you would add 7+3+2 to get 12, then you would add 1+2 to get 3 and that would be your clue.



Fall Into Fitness Scavenger Hunt Clues

Using the number you found above,

Branch out to one of Farmington’s parks you love.

Park your car and start to walk

Because you know that #fitfarmingtonmo doesn’t just talk the talk. 

 You’re on the right path if you feel like half of a famous pioneering team,

With leaflet in hand and number in head, it won’t be as hard as it seems.

Follow your nose from bad to good, 

Where your treasure lies won’t be in a chest, 

but it’s still wood.

Bring the laminated ticket and container to the Civic Center desk

To claim your prize and pass this test.