Farmington Water Park & The River’s Edge Splash Pad

Water Park Opening  May 29, 2021


Daily Fees Regular Twilight (daily after 4PM)
Children – 2 yrs & younger FREE FREE
Youth – 3 yrs to 11 yrs $7 $5.75
Adults -12 yrs to 61 yrs $8 $6.50
Seniors – 62 years and older  $7 $5.75
Groups  10-24 guests $.50 off per person *Must arrive as a group
Groups  25+ guests $1.00 off per person *Must call ahead and arrive as a group

River’s Edge Splash Pad Opening  May 9, 2021

Hours of Operation*

Spray ‘n Play May 9 – May 28 9:00AM  – 6:00PM Daily FREE
Spray ‘n Play May 29 – August 22

August  28 – 29

September 4 –  September 6

9:ooAM – 10:30AM Daily FREE
Spray ‘ n Play August 23 – August  27

August 30 – September 3

September  7 – September 30

9:00AM – 6:00PM FREE

*Admission to the River’s Edge Splash Pad is included with paid admission to Farmington Water Park during regular Water Park operating hours.

Lifeguards and Adult Supervision

Our staff is certified by the Starfish Aquatic Institute. They strive to maintain high professionalism and highest standards of emergency training. Our staff trains monthly in order to achieve this. The purpose of the lifeguard staff is not to supervise your child rather to prevent emergencies from happening.   Therefore we require parents and guardians to closely supervise children and assist enforcing policies with their own child. Children 4 and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian 16 years or older in the water. Children 5 to 11 years must be accompanied by a parent or guardian 16 years or older. Children in flotation devices must be accompanied by a parent or guardian 16 years or older in the water within an arm’s reach.

Inclement Weather/Water Park Closings/Rain checks

  1. The Farmington Water Park will remain open except during threatening weather such as thunderstorms, lightning and tornadoes; and/or a minimum temperature of 72 degrees. Staff will clear the pools at the first sound of thunder or sight of lightning. Guests may seek shelter in the locker rooms.
  2. Low attendance policy: During periods of low attendance under 20 guests, various attractions and/or pools may close as well as the entire water park.
  3. The Farmington Water Park may close due to unforeseen circumstances at any time.
  4. Rain checks will be issued when the pool has been cleared and has remained clear for at least one hour after the pool manager has cleared the pools or is closed due to low attendance. Guests may receive a rain check to visit the park on another day during the current season. The water park will remain open until the Parks and Recreation Director makes the decision to close for the day. Guests must present their receipt to receive a rain check. No cash refunds will be given.


Call 573-756-0900 for more information!