Farmington Bicycling

Stanley M. Overall Bikeway Trail System


The Stanley M. Overall Bikeway Trail System was established in 2002 as the Farmington Bikeway Trail System. The system was renamed in 2003 as a memorial to the avid Farmington bicyclist Stanley M. Overall, Jr.

There is a 7.75 mi. (12.5 km) main route and several spurs or loops of varying length.

Civic Center Spur 0.5 mi. (0.8 km)-Starts at the Civic Center, which also the start/finish for the system and connects to the main route at the intersection of Maple and Alexander.

Oak Ridge Trail Head Spur 1 mi. (1.6 km)-Starts on the west side of the Maple Street overpass and leads to the Oak Ridge Trail Head and St. Joe State Park.

Pimville Spur 4.1 mi. (6.6 km)-Starts at City Well Site #12 and leads to the Blankshire Trailhead in St. Joe State Park.

Engler Park Loop 2.0 mi. (3.2 km)-Starts at the trailhead on New Perrine Road, loops through Engler Park, and back to the main route.

Downtown Loop 1.1 mi. (1.8 km)-Starts at the intersection of A and First, loops through Historic Downtown Farmington, to Long Park and connects with the
main route again at the intersection of A and Liberty.

Rest Stops and Public Facilities (See Route Below)

  1. Farmington Community Civic Center. Parking, indoor restrooms, showers, and other public facilities.
  2. Oak Ridge Trailhead. Outdoor rest area, picnic table, restrooms. Access to the St. Joe State Park Bike Trail System.
  3. City Well Site #12. Outdoor rest area.
  4. Hager Lake. Outdoor rest area, restrooms (no water).
  5. Engler Park Trailhead. Outdoor rest area.
  6. Engler Park. Outdoor rest area, restrooms, play areas, picnic tables, and other facilities.
  7. Jaycee Park. Outdoor rest area, restrooms, picnic tables.
  8. Wilson-Rozier Park. Outdoor rest area, restrooms, picnic tables, play areas, and other facilities.
  9. Long Park. Outdoor rest area, picnic tables, historic Long House, skate park, Farmington Police Station.

More Information For more information or assistance please phone (573)756-0900.

Al’s Place

Al’s Place is a low cost inn for bicyclists as they ride along the TransAmerica Trail. It is located in downtown Farmington, Missouri, in the upstairs of the old historic St. Francois County jail house. The person that Al’s Place is named after is Al Dziewa. His family owns Long John Silvers and A&W. He was a bicyclist who competed in races. In 2003, he developed cancer and he passed away in 2005. Al was a great inspiration to many people in the community, and he is remembered best for mentoring young adults and for his enthusiasm about bicycling.

TransAmerica Trail

transam_img1The TransAmerica Trail was established for Adventure Cycling’s celebration of the U.S. bicentennial in 1976. At that time, the organization was called Bikecentennial, a name many old-timers still associate with the TransAm Trail. This is still the greatest and most used route crossing America. This classic ride offers everything you would expect from a transcontinental crossing. You’ll encounter all kinds of scenery and terrain, including ocean coastline, lush forests, high desert, mountain passes, snow-capped peaks, sweeping vistas, expansive plains, fertile farmlands, rolling hills, and wide rivers. You’ll pass through small, out-of-the-way towns in America that still serve up some of the best home-cooked meals and fresh-baked pies.