Farmington Archery Park


In 2018 the City of Farmington partnered with the Missouri Department of Conservation to develop an archery park on Pimville Road.  The park includes a 3/4 mile natural surface trail loop with 15 stations of varying distances and obstacles and one broadhead target located just north of the trail on along the park road.   The park is open year round from dawn until dusk.


Range Rules


  1. This range is self-policed. Please follow the rules and handle your equipment in a safe and orderly manner.
  2. Enter and leave each range at the shooting station
  3. Stay on the designated pathways when going down range
  4. Each range is open to only one shooter at a time
  5. When finished shooting, please leave the range so others waiting may use it.
  6. Please remove your own litter
  7. Target shooting is prohibited elsewhere on City of Farmington Property
  8. One shooter from each group must stay at shooting point until all arrows are retrieved.
  9. No hunting on range or elsewhere on City of Farmington Property
  10. Enter and exit the archery course at north entry and proceed counter-clockwise through the course to south exit.



Range Safety

  1. No alcoholic beverages allowed
  2. Inspect equipment for damage prior to shooting
  3. Check arrows for cracks, dents, loose vanes, bent, broken, nocks, or any condition that may cause the arrow to fly erratically or to rupture when released. Serious injury can be avoided by taking the time to inspect arrows for damage.
  4. Check bows for frayed strings, loose pulleys, warped limbs cracks or other damage that may result in breakage when at full draw.
  5. Shoot only those arrows that have been matched to your draw length and have spines matched to the bow’s draw weight.
  6. Never dry fire a bow. The resistance of an arrow is needed to prevent damage to the bow limbs.
  7. Never draw a bow that was set up for someone else. Draw lengths and weights vary and the wrong combination can cause injury.
  8. Never intentionally overdraw a bow
  9. Always check your surroundings, including down range before drawing the bow to shoot. Tree limbs and other objects can deflect an arrow and make it travel off line, out of the safety area.
  10. Broadhead arrow points should only be used on a target designed for broadheads and so labeled. Most archery targets are designed for target points only.
  11. Dispose of used targets properly
  12. Always shoot only at the target designated for your firing position. Shooting across lanes can result in arrows traveling outside of the predetermined safety fan.