Farmington Memorial Tree & Brick Program

The Farmington Memorial Tree, Bench and Brick program is a great way to celebrate a life or memorialize a special event while beautifying a local park.  A tree may be purchased for $250, a bench may be purchased for $400 or a brick may be purchased for $125.  Trees and bricks are planted or installed and cared for by the Farmington Parks and Recreation Department.

To purchase please fill out the purchase form and mail or drop off with payment to The Farmington Community Civic Center, #2 Black Knight Drive, Farmington, MO 63640

Memorial Tree, Bench and Brick Program Application


Memorial Tree

Trees will be planted September 1 through March 31.  The plaque will be placed at the base of the tree.  Once tree is planted the donor will receive a certificate and a map of the tree’s location.  Donors may pick the park however the tree’s exact location is at the discretion of the parks and recreation department.

Park List

Engler Park, Veterans Park, Wilson Rozier Park, Harlan Park, Trimfoot Park, Dean Daniley Park

Tree List

White Oak, Burr Oak, Sugar Maple, Red Bud, White Pine, Dogwood, Tulip Poplar, Blue Spruce

Memorial Brick

Memorial bricks are placed at the Bicentennial Park fountain.  Please allow up to 4 weeks for a brick to be inscribed and installed.

Bicentennial Park Fountain