Farmington Public Works

Farmington Public Works Department, we are helping to build a great community by providing essential services for daily life.

Public Works (PW) professionals working in partnership with our citizens are dedicated to providing high quality services with integrity, creativity, and excellence.

The department is comprised of six operating divisions:


Electrical Utility Services
Provides electrical service to citizens, industries, institutional buildings and commerce within the city, and maintains a staff of licensed linemen for prompt service needs.

Water Utility Services
Manages operations and maintains the city’s water supply, storage tanks, and distribution system, providing high quality and good tasting drinking water.

Wastewater Management Services
Manages, operates, and maintains the city’s two wastewater treatment plants, thus providing a safe and clean stream environment, and maintains the sanitary sewer system and sewage lift stations leading to the treatment plants.

Street Department
Maintains city streets, sidewalks, traffic signs and signals to promote safe and effective thoroughfares, and provides maintenance for city storm sewers, drainage channels, and drainage structures.

The PW staff promotes a number of programs that enhance services and further the development of a great community.

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