Farmington Subdivision

The city has adopted subdivision regulations which generally require submittal of a subdivision plat to divide land into two or more lots. Subdivision plats must be approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council.

Preliminary Sketch Plan
The best way to start any subdivision-related request is to prepare a preliminary sketch of what you wish to do and contact us.

Preliminary Plat
A Preliminary Plat may be required if it is deemed necessary to show how the land is proposed to be developed as a whole.

Record Plat
The actual subdivision plat may be referred to as a final plat or record plat. This plat is often submitted without a preliminary plat for re-subdivision of land. More than one final plat may be filed for phased developments.

The procedures for Preliminary and Record Plats are required to be followed for developments and the procedures for Boundary Adjustments are required to be followed for units.

Subdivision Applications
A complete application package includes the following:

  1. A Planning and Zoning Application Form.
  2. A copy of the deed for the property involved.
  3. A list of the names and addresses of adjacent property owners. (may be omitted for boundary adjustments).
  4. The required number of copies of plats or improvement plans (see below).
  5. The required fees.

Required Plats & Plans

Preliminary Plat:
At least six 18”x24” or 36”x48” paper copies and two 8.5”x11” or 11”x17” paper or digital copies (PDF preferred).

Record Plat:
At least three 18”x24” or 36”x48” reproducible-type prints, seven 18”x24” or 36”x48” paper copies, and two 8.5”x11” or 11”x17” paper or digital copies (PDF preferred).

Improvement Plans
At least six paper copies of all improvement plans, prepared by a registered design professional.

A digital copy is also desirable (PDF preferred). Detailed improvement requirements may be found in the Municipal Code and city specifications, or contact us.

Boundary Adjustments
At least three reproducible-type prints, and seven paper copies.

Open Space Requirements (Will open in new window)

A dedication of land or impact fee is required for all new residential development.

Improvements must be constructed in accordance with the approved plans and the specifications of the city. Completion of improvements is required to be secured through a bond, or letter of credit. Inspection of improvements by a registered design professional and subsequent certification of completion of improvements to the City is required. Upon completion, as built drawings will be required, which include the geospatial coordinates of improvements. Acceptance of maintenance of improvements by the City may be requested one year after completion.

Boundary Adjustment
Adjusting the boundaries of previously subdivided land consisting of five acres or less, three lots or less, and having no public streets involved may be reviewed by the Planning Administrator.