Farmington Sign Permits

Permit Required

A permit is required for all signs except those for the sale or rental of property, temporary signs such as banners erected for less than 90 days, political campaign signs, or storefront display windows. To obtain a sign permit you must submit an application, at least two (2) copies of a site or plot plan, detailed drawings of the proposed sign, and all required fees. The Building Inspector and the Zoning Administrator will review the request. The Building Inspector issues permits. Some inspections may also be required.

Some Other Basic Sign Requirements

  1. The maximum height and area of most signs is based on the speed limit of the adjacent street and linear lot frontage.
  2. No signs are permitted on public street right of way, or utility easements or so close to utility easements as to interfere with maintenance of utilities.
  3. Common sign structures are required for multiple occupancy buildings or groups of buildings such as malls or office buildings.
  4. Exterior illumination for a sign must be directed onto the sign and away from adjacent property.
  5. No flashing lights or strobes can be visible outside of buildings.
  6. Portable signs must be at least 10 feet from the street right of way, and no flashing is permitted.
  7. Electronic reader boards may scroll or change messages but may not blink or flash.
  8. Sign must be removed within 90 days if a business closes.

For more information contact the Development Services Department at 573-756-0608.