Farmington Building Site Plan

At least two copies of a site plan is required as a part of any building permit application except individual single family dwellings, two family dwellings, and accessory structures for which a plot plan is required. Site plans may be waived for interior alterations, changes of use, and similar work.

The minimum requirements for site plans are as follows.

  1. Shall be of sufficient clarity to clearly indicate proposed buildings, structures or uses or other features shown on the plan.
  2. Shall be prepared by a registered design professional.
  3. Shall be drawn to scale not greater than one (1) inch equals twenty (20) feet nor less than one (1) inch equals two hundred (200) feet.
  4. Shall identify property by lot lines and location, including dimensions, angles and size, correlated with the legal description of said property.
  5. Shall show the scale, north point, boundary dimensions, natural features such as woods, streams, rivers, lakes, drains, topography (at least five (5) foot contour intervals; when terrain is irregular or drainage critical, contour interval shall be two (2) foot) and similar features.
  6. Shall show existing man made features such as buildings, structures, easements, high tension towers, pipelines, existing utilities such as water and sewer lines, etc., excavations, bridges, culverts and drains and shall identify adjacent properties within one hundred (100) yards and their existing uses.
  7. Shall show the location, proposed finished floor and grade line elevations, size of proposed main and accessory buildings, their relation one to another and to any existing structures to remain on the site, and the height of all buildings and structures, as well as building elevations and materials proposed for the structures under consideration.
  8. Shall show the proposed streets, driveways, sidewalks and other vehicular and pedestrian circulation features within and adjacent to the site; also the location, size and number of parking spaces in the off-street parking areas and identification of service lands, service parking and loading zones in conformance with the requirements set forth in this Chapter.
  9. Shall show the location and size of all existing utilities serving the property as well as the location and size of all proposed utilities to serve the property.
  10. Shall show screening in accordance with the Zoning Ordinance.
  11. Shall show any proposed alterations to the topography and other natural features shall be indicated.
  12. Shall show the location, height and intensity of all exterior lighting.
  13. Shall show the location and type of solid waste pickup proposed.
  14. Shall include certificates of approval including date and signature lines for the City Council and Planning and Zoning Commission where applicable.
  15. Shall show any other information deemed necessary to determine compliance with this Chapter or the codes adopted in this Chapter.