Farmington Information Technology

Information Technology Department Mission Statement:

To provide reliable short and long range planning for technology which will support the City of Farmington’s vision and mission statement while providing dependable, leading edge, and cost effective technology and technical support.

The Information Technology Department provides office automation and data processing services which increases the effectiveness of all City departments. Software and technical support is provided to evaluate, procure, develop or modify software programs to the specified needs of various operating units; hardware and technical support is provided for City-wide, remote and local area operating platforms; networked automation support is available to all City staff; and centralized computer processing services are provided on all major systems including report generation and distribution, input/output, system backups, and batch data entry services.

The City web site continues to be enhanced, under the guidance of the Information Technology Department and the Web Development Committee, as a tool for residents, employees, business owners and visitors of the City of Farmington. It provides easy access to important City resources and information as well as the ability to transact business remotely through services such as the electronic funds transfer options and the ability to automatically submit forms for various departmental business. The Information Technology Administrator administers all City Social Media sites and ensures that they are up to date and as family friendly as possible.

Information Technology Administrator

The Information Technology Administrator coordinates the use of information technology across the various departments and agencies of Farmington’s government to ensure that accurate and timely information is provided to citizens, elected officials, management, and staff.

The City of Farmington’s Information Technology Administrator is Dr. Floyd Massey. Floyd served in the US Navy for 21 years and retired to Farmington, Mo. in February 2007. During his time in the Navy he directed the establishment of network systems for the Planning and Estimating Department responsible for the repair of submarines and surface ships and the establishment of electronic classrooms for US Navy vocational schools. He received his Bachelors of Science in Business Administration and Information Technology and his Masters of Science in Information Technology through Grantham University in Kansas City, Mo. and Doctor of Philosophy in Computer and Information Security and Cyber Forensics through Northcentral University.

For comments or concerns contact the IT Administrator:
Dr. Floyd E. Massey III, Ph.D.
Information Technology Administrator
City of Farmington
607 Wallace Road
Farmington, Missouri 63640