Farmington Seeking Landowners for Land Application

The City of Farmington is seeking property owners who would be interested in receiving Class B biosolids for land application.

To be considered, the land will have to meet the following criteria:

  • At least 50 acres available for land application
  • Within 10 miles of the West Treatment Plant, 1670 Vargo Road
  • Land must be used for hay crops only
  • Livestock grazing may not occur for 30 days after land application
  • Soil analysis required
  • Lime will likely be required for pH adjustment (currently,  if lime is necessary, land owners are being asked to pay for the improvement)

Interested landowners may contact Charlie Reever at 573-756-1696 for more information.

Members of the Press are asked to contact Larry Lacy at 573-756-0608.