Skate Park

Skate Park

DD Skate Park

Driving Directions

The largest outdoor concrete Skate Park in Southeast Missouri featuring 30,000 square feet of challenging twists and turns for both beginning and advanced skaters. The Skate Park is located at 404 Ste. Genevieve Avenue (the old swimming location). The facility welcomes inline-skates, skateboards, and BMX bikes. The Skate Park is FREE of charge and open to everyone. The facility is unsupervised, and users assume all risks inherent in the use of the facility.

In 2001 the City of Farmington approached the board of Youth for Christ to partner with her in managing the outdoor skate park, and renovating an existing building adjacent to the park to be used for youth mentoring purposes. Youth First Corporate was incorporated with the state of Missouri in April 2002 as a subsidiary to Youth for Christ, with the intention to facilitate relationships with community partners like the City of Farmington, state government, and other public and private entities who would be more comfortable partnering with the social arm of our existing services, without the concern that they would violate the separation of church and state. The existence of Youth First Corporate provided proof of Youth for Christ’s intention to be a valid social partner, as expressed in the mission statement for the Farmington Skate Park as written in 2001, “to provide a welcoming, safe, fun and encouraging atmosphere for youth, where they are accepted and mentored in order to become a positive influence in their communities.”

Park Features

  • Bowls
  • rails
  • spines
  • qps
  • 8 stair
  • 4 stair
  • 2 steps
  • pyramid
  • box mountain
  • ledges rollins
  • pyramid with rail