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The first Industry to the Farmington area was the Tannery of Phillip Long. It was in what is now, Long Park, the City Park near the Skate Park, Farmington Police, and Fire Station. A monument is there about four feet square at the base and seven feet high; on it are these words “Phillip Long Tannery – 1833.” In the same Park is the Long House built in 1833. It is in good condition and is maintained by the Monday Club.

It’s more than a building. Inside, visitors can see the original logs used when it was first built. In another room, there’s an old piano, and underneath a trap door, some believe it was part of the Underground Railroad during the Civil War. “ Slaves escaping from the southern part of the state would be hiding there until they could make it across the river from St. Genevieve to Illinois where slavery was banned.

And the house was important during World War II. Farmington’s version of Rosie the Riveter was more like Susie the Seamstress. During the war, women worked at a local factory making shirts for soldiers. The women were working and the men were gone to war or working, so there was no one to take care of the children.

The Long House became a day care center. Folks here wonder why anyone would want to set fire to the Long House.

The home is open for tours and in the summer the grounds are a gathering place for concerts and community events such as “Movies in the Park”.

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400 Sainte Genevieve Avenue
Farmington, MO 63640
Parks are generally open from dawn until dusk unless otherwise posted