Hager Lake

Hager Lake

DD Hager Lake

Driving Directions

There are 24 streams and rivers in and around Farmington and two stocked fishing lakes within city limits.



This area has a 5-acre lake with a fishing jetty. Local anglers will tell you that this is a nice lake for children and families because fishing is easy. If you are looking for a challenge however, this isn’t the spot. The city keeps the lake well stocked and families use it regularly during season. Anglers should keep in mind that 60 years of fisheries research and experience has proven that a combination of bass, bluegills and channel catfish provides the best balance of fish species in small bodies of water. Therefore, anglers should prepare themselves to catch these species from most small bodies of water, including Hager Lake.

Anglers only. No boats, swimming, watercraft allowed. Net fishing, noodling prohibited.


Activity Comments
Fishing – Bass Good population.
Fishing – Catfish Good population.
Fishing – Sunfish Good population.

Conservation Department Facilities

Facility Item Name Count Comments
Fishing Jetty/Platform Farmington City Lake 1
Parking Lot Farmington City Lake 1
Privy/Restroom Farmington City Lake 1


Feature Item Name Count Size Comments
Fishing Lake or Pond Farmington City Lake 1 5.00 acres

Giessing Lake (EnglerPark)

This lake is maintained by the Missouri Department of Conservation. Posted near the lake is a sign featuring daily limits.

Black Bass Limit 06 length 12″-15″
Crappie Limit 30 length no limit
Channel Cat Limit 04 length no limit
All others Limit 20 length no limit

Pole and Line fishing only. Limit of 3 poles maximum per person.

Anglers only. No boats, swimming, watercraft allowed. Net fishing, noodling prohibited.

Recommended fishing methods:
Angler only. Line and pole. Boats and watercraft prohibited. Noodling and netting prohibited.

Parking or Launch Coordinates: N 37° 45.178 W 090° 26.483