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Farmington Business Permits and Licenses

Grow your business in Farmington, MO! Here, you’ll find links to Farmington’s various licensing and permit requirements and applications. This includes information for business licenses, use permits, signage permits, and more. Also included are contact links to information for other permits or licenses that may be required to do business in Farmington, such as certain County, State, or Federal requirements.

City Clerk/Collector

Ashley Bischoff
City Hall
110 West Columbia
Farmington, MO 63640
Fax: 573-756-0611

*The City Clerk/Collector handles all business licenses except for Contractor Licenses. Please contact the Development Services Coordinator for questions in regards to Contractor Licenses.

Development Services Clerk

Kristen White
Development Services Coordinator
12 S Franklin
Farmington, MO 63640
Fax: 573-756-5161


License Applications

(Requires Adobe Reader Free Download)
Contractor License Application
Financial License Application (Banks)
Liquor License Application
Merchant License Application
Merchant License Fee Calculator
Service License Application
Service License Application - Solid WasteRecycling
Service License Application - Taxicab
Solicitor / Peddler License Application
Vendor License Application

Service/Contractor Fees

Abstract Agency 50.00 Masonry Contractors 15.00
Advertisers, Outdoor 15.00 Masseurs and Massage Therapists 25.00
Agents for Insurance Co. (1 Agent Office) 30.00 Mercantile Agent 15.00
Agents for Manufacturers 20.00 Moving or Storage Companies 40.00
Agents for Nursery Stock 20.00 News or Periodical Distributors          15.00
Agents for Real Estate 30.00 Newspapers and Printing Plants 40.00
Agents for Real Estate and Insurance 50.00 Newspaper Offices 25.00
Agents for Sewing Machines/Vacuum 15.00 Nurseries for Child Care 15.00
Amusement Parks 25.00 Painting Contractors 15.00
Architects 25.00 Paperhanging Contractors 15.00
Artists 25.00 Pawnbrokers 40.00
Astrologers 25.00 Plastering Contractors 15.00
Auction Stores, Auctioneers 20.00 Plumbers 15.00
Barber Shops 15.00 Printing Plants 25.00
     plus, for each additional Barber 5.00  Real Estate Agency 30.00
Beauticians 15.00      plus, for each additional Agent 10.00
     plus, for each additional Beautician 5.00 Real Estate and Insurance Agency 50.00
Beauty Parlor Schools 25.00      plus, for each additional Agent 10.00
Billposters 15.00 Roofing Contractors 15.00
Blacksmith Shops 15.00  Sewing Machine Agents  20.00
Boarding Homes 25.00 Shoe Cobbler Shops 10.00
Bricklayers 15.00 Shoe Shining Parlors 10.00
Brokers (Stock) 25.00 Shooting Galleries 15.00
Car Washes, per Wash Bay 10.00 Siding Contractors and Sales 15.00
Carpenters 15.00 Solid Waste Processing Company
Cattle Dealers 25.00       for each vehicle used 25.00
Cement Contractors 15.00 Steam Fitters 15.00
Cleaning & Dyeing Establishments 25.00 Stockyards 15.00
Cleaning Services 15.00 Storage Warehouses 25.00
Cobblers & Shoe Repairers 10.00 Taxicabs 15.00
Dance Studios 10.00 Tinners and Tin Shops 15.00
Delivery Autos, Drays 25.00 Trailer Parks 50.00
Electricians 15.00 Tree Trimmers 20.00
Employment offices and Agencies 25.00 Trucking; Moving, Storage or Dray
Exterminators 20.00      for each Commercial Motor Moving,
Fortunetellers, per day 100.00      Storage or Dray Truck 25.00
Foundries 15.00 Warehouses 25.00
Garages 15.00 Wood or Coal Dealers 15.00
General Contractors 25.00
Hawkers, for each 6 Months 20.00
Hotels and Motels 25.00
Hucksters, for each 6 Months 20.00
Insurance Agency 30.00
     plus, for each additional Agent 10.00
Jewelers and Watch Repairers 15.00
Junk Dealers 20.00
Laundries and Launderettes 25.00
Linen Rental Services 25.00
Loan Companies (Location Approval Needed) 75.00
Machine Shops 15.00

License Review Process

The basic process for obtaining a business license is as follows.

1. An application and the required fee are submitted to the City Collector or Development Service Coordinator (Contractor License).

2. Applications are routed to building, zoning, and fire officials for review.

3. Licenses are issued by the City Collector.

Planning and Zoning

Checks whether the location is properly zoned and that the correct official street address is being used.

Permits and Inspections

Checks whether a permit is required and any identifies potential code requirements.

Fire Department

Checks the basic fire safety of the location. An inspection will be scheduled by the Fire Department when a license application is received for review.

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