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Farmington Regional Airport

1436 Perrine Rd.
Phone: 573-756-4502
Cell: 573-631-1852

Airport LobbyFarmington Regional airports new terminal can offer pilots and their passengers a nice place to relax; there are updated electronics, comfortable sitting areas, a pilot’s rest area, office space and a meeting room. Amenities include snacks and soft drinks, televisions, computer with Internet access, and courtesy cars.

The airport now has a Jet fuel truck with under and over wing capabilitiesAirport Conference Room offering full service Jet fuel as well as self-service fuel system with jet fuel and aviation gas. Self-serve fuel, terminal access and the courtesy cars are available 24/7. Full service Jet service is also available after business hours by calling the Cell number listed below. We strive to keep our fuel prices as low a possible and we do not charge any ramp parking fees. Arrangement can be made to have a rental car waiting for you at the airport; shade ports are available for overnight at our long term parking.

We would like to welcome you to Farmington and assist you any way we can.

Contact Us:

Chuck Sitzes
1436 Perrine Rd.
Farmington, MO 63640
Phone 573-756-4502
Cell: 573-631-1852