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Farmington Regional Airport

Airport LobbyFarmington Regional airports new terminal can offer pilots and their passengers a nice place to relax; there are updated electronics, comfortable sitting areas, a pilot’s rest area, office space and a meeting room. Amenities include snacks and soft drinks, televisions, computer with Internet access, and courtesy cars.

The airport now has a Jet fuel truck with under and over wing capabilitiesAirport Conference Room offering full service Jet fuel as well as self-service fuel system with jet fuel and aviation gas. Self-serve fuel, terminal access and the courtesy cars are available 24/7. Full service Jet service is also available after business hours by calling the Cell number listed below. We strive to keep our fuel prices as low a possible and we do not charge any ramp parking fees. Arrangement can be made to have a rental car waiting for you at the airport; shade ports are available for overnight at our long term parking.

We would like to welcome you to Farmington and assist you any way we can.

Contact Us:

Chuck Sitzes
1436 Perrine Rd.
Farmington, MO 63640
Phone 573-756-4502
Cell: 573-631-1852


Some comments from Pilots who stopped at Farmington Regional Airport:

Pilot's LoungeFrom Terry Kon on 23-Apr-2012

Last Friday we planned a fuel stop at your airport. When the weather closed in we elected to stay put and wait it out.What a beautiful facility you have!! All the accommodations at your facility were first class. I also appreciate the fuel being at a reasonable price. We will definitely plan another stop when we come that way.

Self Service Fuel SystemFrom Bill Barnard on 24-Mar-2012

My "Brief" experience with the Self-Serve Fueling Station at KFAM was like a NASCAR PitStop! Landed, Taxied Up to the Self-Serve Terminal, Grounded AC & Topped-Off, Removed Grounding Cable, Completed Pre-Flight, Double-Checked & On My Way. SIMPLE & FAST! WHB-PA28-181

Snack and Beverage AreaFrom Scott Gratsinger on 29-Sep-2011

Came in for a family reunion and even though I didn't need to use them, the crew cars are available. No reservations needed to tie down for the weekend. The rental cars are available off field but are only a couple of miles away. Enterprise will come get you. The terminal building and pilot lounge are top notch. Super!

From Tim Draeger on 10-Aug-2009Public Access Computers with WiFi Internet

Brand new GA terminal built in 2009, very well designed, brand new self-serve fuel (that was a $1/gal cheaper than elsewhere), and an available courtesy car. Best part was the Warehouse Bar-B-Que and Catfish Restaurant 2 miles away. Owner Bobby drove out and picked us up (before we found the keys to the courtesy car, so we followed him there). The ribs were great, the service friendly and quick, and the homemade Coconut Cream Pie with the flaky piecrust was not to be missed. The ladies in our foursome even shopped in the home furnishings store that is right inside the restaurant. Highly recommended stop!

Terminal BuildingFrom Ross Youngblood on 14-Jun-2009

I had the pleasure of landing here after diverting for weather. I met the City Manager who just happened to be stopping by who gave me the nickel tour of the new facility. Very comfortable chairs in the pilot planning lounge. They have a quiet room with two overstuffed recliners, and off this room a full bathroom with a shower for pilots. This is an incredible facility. They also had two courtesy cars into town. Weather forced me to stay at the Holiday Inn Express down the road, also the best hotel I stayed at along my trip, but also the most expensive >$100 per night. I will update the fuel with my fuel receipts later if they are more recent than what is posted. I would land here again! Thanks to the community and the city manager of Farmington for going above and beyond to support General Aviation.